Passion Pit is gearing up to finally release the follow-up to their 2009 debut Manners. The band’s looking to release the album sometime before Governor’s Ball on June 23rd. They talked to Pitchfork about the album, and after a preview, P4k said of the album, “Angelakos’ stacked pop bursts are only going to get wilder on his forthcoming as-yet-untitled sophomore LP.” Right now, this one’s sitting pretty high on our most anticipated album’s list. Here’s some more of what the band had to say:

On the expansive sound:

“I like expansive sound. Someone told me, ‘Try recording a song with 24 [instrumental] tracks.’ I ended up with 157, and we had to mute half the song just to balance it out. That’s how I work. It’s a product of technology today. When Brian Wilson walked into the studio, he was like, “Wow, tape echo!” When you’re really interested in new production and making things sound different and weird but also pop, you go to town.”

On Rick Rubin’s guidance:

“I showed a demo of that song to Rick Rubin, who’s been a guiding soul to me, and he said, “That needs to go on the album. No one’s gonna do that the way you’re gonna do that.” I love James Blake and how he does this really soft, serious stuff; I make a mockery out of it, because I make a mockery out of myself.”

On the lyrical content:

“I had a really rough year, and I got engaged right before recording– and recording takes a real toll on you. I vilified myself. I had to do it. I have a lot of issues, and a lot of people in the world have a lot of issues.”

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