Reality TV competitions are everywhere. Flip to a network channel any weekday night and you’re bound to stumble across a modern day ‘Star Search’. While most over promise and under deliver, I personally find NBC’s ‘The Voice’ to be most engaging. The four judges; Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton have a fun and comedic rapport, and the pool of talent bests anything I’ve seen from other shows in recent seasons. Another aspect that I really support are the “blind auditions,” which has the judges building their respective teams by selecting candidates based only on vocal ability rather than appearance. It guarantees that physical attraction, or lack there of, can’t play a role in the selection.

It’s natural for beauty to affect our decision making, but if we let it solely dominate our choices, we might miss out on things like this. Through his music Austin Criswell is doing something beautiful that we can all appreciate. Listen to him perform a lovely cover of The Beatles’ song “Something” below. You can also download it, and find more from Austin on iTunes.