He’s just a rascal, Dizzee Rascal has teamed up with West Coast heavyweight DJ Muggs (of Cypress Hill) and Bambu for another cross Atlantic bass heavy collabo. We recently found out that Rusko and Cypress Hill had made an EP together, and saw the pretty crazy video for “Roll It, Light It“, but this one takes it all to the next level. While the video attempts to destroy your retinas and disorientate you, Dizzee shows the Cypress Hill boys just how to spit over a heavy bassline UK style. Muggs has an LP entitled Bass For Your Face out soon, and if the name’s anything to go by, we can expect more like this.┬áIf you have a headache, or are prone to epilepsy, I don’t recommend watching this.

How dare she call Dizzee inconsiderate in his yard?!