Uhm, so this is something. Here are new visuals from that OnCue “Kinda Late” track. The original version featured a Mike Posner verse, however this one in the video does not. Other things the video does not include are, well, OnCue. At least not for the most part. He does make a quick cameo as a pizza delivery guy, and then shows up again towards the end, but that’s about it. The video’s leading roll was filled by Cuey’s creative director Adam Ross who has a giant beard, a pet turtle and curly haired lapdog, dresses like Pee-wee Herman on occasion, and apparently reads literature about Malcolm X. What?

It’s a goofy directorial debut by Just Blaze, but the overall theme is meant to be playful and it’s great to see these guys having fun doing what they do so well. Cuey called the vid “unconventional as hell”. What do you guys think?