Action Bronson is one of many buzzing up-and-comers in the rap game, but to a lot of people, he’s always just been the second-coming of Ghostface… except white, and red-headed, and a chef (Was Ghostface ever a chef? I wouldn’t be that surprised if he was at some point. But Wu-Tang already had Raekwon The Chef, so Ghostface probably had to keep his cooking talents low key). Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right, so Action Bronson definitely already had the attention of rap-heads, but it seemed like he needed a little something to make him stand out as more than just the bearded, white, Ghostface-sounding guy.

Enter Party Supplies. The two got together one afternoon for a session and apparently things went well. Over three weeks they recorded 17 tracks for a project that will be called Blue Chips. Check them out in the video below. The combination sounds pretty awesome.