Molly, the pure powder form of MDMA, has been around for a while, but a weird thing has happened in the past few years: it’s gone mainstream. It used to be mostly for the dance music scene and counterculture drugheads, but as EDM got more popular, so did Molly. Now everyone loves it. When Madonna introduced Avicii and referenced the drug, it was a confirmation that Molly had arrived. Not because Madonna was referencing it, but because Madonna was referencing it to try to appeal to a bunch of kids who probably could care less about Madonna.

As the Molly takeover continues, rappers have picked it up, and lately there has been a barrage of Molly references in hip-hop. Two weirdos at Complex made a list of a quick history of rappers referencing molly. From Danny Brown to Gucci Mane to Juicy J, check out a history of Molly references in rap  songs.

A History of Rappers Referencing “Molly” In Songs