The Five Best Performances of Coachella 2012 Week One

There’s tons of footage from the first week of Coachella 2012, but these are our picks for the must-watch performances.

A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie”

A$AP Rocky teams up with Hit-Boy for the new single “Goldie.”

Outside Lands Announces 2012 Line-up

This summer is shaping up to be a good one.

Death Grips’ Video for “I’ve Seen Footage”

Let’s see how many times you can watch this video before your brain explodes.

Frank Ocean’s Official Video for “Thinking About You”

You’re right, one was released a few months back. But now the same video has been granted an official release, so here’s Frank Ocean’s official video for “Thinking About You.”

Jessie Ware’s “110%”

UK’s finest gives you some music to groove to with her spot-on production and “smokey, honey-drop vocals.”

Youth Lagoon Performs “The Hunt” for Deer Lodge

Trevor Powers’ music gets even more stripped down.

Hacker Group Anonymous Announces New Music Platform

Sounds like a good idea, but it’s hard to imagine this going down without some controversy.

25 Worst Pieces of 2Pac Fan Art

And you thought that gallery of shitty Lykke Li art was bad?

Xylos’ “Summerlong”

Add this one to your summer playlist.