Word on the street is, Jack White has agreed to write, produce and perform the score for the upcoming Lone Ranger film, which stars Armie Hammer as the eponymous hero, and Johhny Depp as Tonto, his Native American sidekick. Jack White, who’s debut solo album Blunderbuss came out yesterday, has been involved with films before (he wrote the song “Another Way To Die” with Alicia Keys for Bond film ‘Quantum Of Solace’) but this is his first original score.

Jerry Bruckheimer says “We’re thrilled to hear his fresh take on (Lone Ranger theme tune) the William Tell Overture,” and I cannot agree more. Listen to the finale below (skip to 2.28 and you’ll recognize the tune) and just think what crazy things Jack White is planning, not to mention how perfect the hook up between the vintage clothes, wide brimmed hat, crazy hair loving Messrs White and Depp is.

(via Variety)