Last night at NYU, Lil B finally delivered his much talked about, very rare speech. It was a confusing thing for many people, who wondered what Lil B would talk about. If you follow B on Twitter, you probably should have known exactly what to expect. He talked about love, positivity, insects, being happy, running for president. You know, all that stuff. You can listen to the speech below and see some pictures, and read the whole thing at Fader.

Listen to Lil B’s speech here:

Here are some pics from the night, courtesty of JDotShots:



“This is about me spreading my love to y’all. This is about saying how much I love you guys. How much I love being alive. How much I love human beings. How lucky we are to have this structure. Who built this? Tell me who built this building, please. Just going through New York you see just, wow, you have so much beautiful architecture. It’s so rich. When I look at the buildings, I’m like, dude, everybody is lucky. This might not be here forever. Anything could happen. Take heed, you guys are lucky you’re alive. Really, take heed. Can I hear you say, I’m lucky I’m alive! No, really, please, can you feel it? I’m lucky I’m alive!”

See footage from the lecture here: