Photo by Kyle Dean Reinford

It’s been a while since Passion Pit‘s debut album Manners took over the indie world, but the band has finally announced some solid details for its successor. Last time around the band seemed like quirky underdogs with a falsetto-ing frontman and an innate talent for full-bodied synths. In just one album, they’ve made the leap: they’re on a major label and feel like a huge name in the scene, too. If this record doesn’t push them to new heights it will be a shock.

Gossamer is set to be released this July, and the details that have surfaced about the music are cause for excitement. Lead singer Michael Angelakos has reportedly got his hands on around $300,000 worth of gear and still maintains his steadfast dedication to crafting left field pop music. The prospect of giving the artist that made “Sleepyhead” on a laptop in his dorm room the backing of Columbia Records, a full studio and as much time as he needs is one that makes Passion Pit’s new record one to watch out for.