“If you tell the truth, truth never go out of style,” says Bobby Womack at the beginning of this short documentary about the making of his new album, and it is the first of about fifteen brilliantly quotable pearls of wisdom that the legendary singer manages to fit into this 6 minute film. It’s truly heartwarming to see Bobby being filled with pleasure and joie de vivre as he rekindles his love of music, and regains his confidence, with the help of producer Damon Albarn. I’ve always loved studio videos – seeing musicians in their natural habitat, when there is no crowd to impress or image to uphold is awesome¬† – and this is already one of my all time favorites.

Bobby Womack’s first album since 1994, the Bravest Man In The Universe, produced by Albarn and Richard Russell (head of XL Recordings) is released in June, and you can listen to the gorgeously heartbreaking “Please Forgive My Heart” here.