News broke a few days ago that a Jimi Hendrix biopic was in the works, with rapper Andre 3000 set to play the iconic guitarist. However, it’s come to light that Hendrix’s estate has not given their support for the film, which does not bode well for the final project. If terms remain as they are, there will be no copyrighted Hendrix material included in the film, as their full cooperation and support is needed to get any music created by Hendrix into the film.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that the estate wants to be involved with a project like this “from its inception,” which they clearly weren’t in this case. As such, we might not be hearing any Jimi Hendrix music in a film about his life. There is always the possibility that the film will be able to succeed without any of the music – it doesn’t sound like a musical, after all – or that royalties can be paid to smooth out the issue and let the original work be a part of the film. It will be a hefty cost, without a doubt, but certainly not out of the realm of possibility. A final option is to use covers of the Hendrix originals, which is appealing to anyone who ever had the idea that an album of Andre 3000 covering Jimi was something they’d like to hear.

(AV Club)