The gigantic record collection of the late, great radio DJ John Peel, which is “26,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs” deep, is being put online for our perusal, starting yesterday. Due to the incredible size of this legendary music lover’s collection it was decided to display them “in an interactive online museum,” showcasing the cover art along with the filing card that he typed out for each record. We are told:

“Starting in 1969, he made a postcard-sized card for each new LP, and inscribed the name of the album; the name of the band and all the tracks.”

Each week, 100 records will be uploaded to the interactive website, where you can also  find photos, home videos, radio shows and a documentary on one artist per letter. Sheila Ravenscroft, John Peel’s widow explains:

“Even just within those first 100 records from each letter, I think people are going to be very interested as to what’s in the collection. I think they will be amused and intrigued by it.“There’ll be information about the record sleeve, front and back, all the information about the record itself, as well as whether John rated the album or not.”

Head over to “The Space” to spend some time looking through records and generally appreciate this great man’s love of music.