Two legends of the game on stage together is an amazing sight, especially when it is anything Biggie related, as his time spent actually playing the game was cut so short.  This footage shows Biggie performing “Get Money” at Ralph McDaniels birthday party, which he was supposed to be hosting.  McDaniels is best known for creating Video Music Box, the first television to focus specifically on hip-hop music videos.  When asked about the footage, McDaniels said:

“Every year, I had a birthday party,” said McDaniels. “I wanted to get B.I.G. to host [it], but really I wanted him to perform. Jay-Z came with the whole Roc-A-Fella crew and they got on stage. I told the DJ, ‘If Biggie gets on stage, play a Biggie song and we’ll get him to perform.’ DJ Ace threw on ‘Get Money’ and the whole crowd went crazy. B.I.G. looks at me like, ‘I guess I’m supposed to perform now, right?’ Jay-Z plays hypeman to B.I.G. on ‘Get Money.’ That just rang through the hood forever.”