My mom really likes The Voice. Monster and her are actually the only people I know that watch it. I’ve never seen a full episode, and when I do see it on I just turn it into a game called “What Drug Is Each Judge On?” It’s a good game.

Last night, Lindsey Pavao played her part in Bon Iver’s assault on the mainstream by performing a cover of “Skinny Love” for the millions of people that tune into The Voice every night week episode. I didn’t think the cover was bad, really, but it wasn’t great. My thoughts were mostly about who those people sitting in a circle around her clapping were. Were they audience members? Paid extras? Friends? Are they scenery or part of the performance? Who arranged them like that? Is that what normal people do when listening to Bon Iver? Is that what normal people do, ever? So many questions.

Either way, the utilization of Bon Iver’s song and having that shaved side-head haircut thing was not enough to put Lindsey through to the next round.

I couldn’t help but play the game.

Cee-Lo: Molly.
Adam Levine: Coming down from a coke high. Does not want to be there anymore and didn’t really even hear her performance, his comments were seriously just, “this show is great.”
Blake Shelton: Drunk, but hiding it well.
Cristina Aguilera: A veritable cocktail of painkillers and antidepressants.