It seems the inevitable consequence of parading around as the unflappable lord of party starting is that you will one day be compared to a party-planning plastic pony and invited to speak at a convention for fans of similar plastic ponies. At least, this is path that party proponent and perpetual nose bleeder Andrew WK has followed, and it’s taking him to a “My Little Pony” convention in Strongsville, Ohio from September 28-30, where he will give a speech entitled “In the Flesh: What Would Pinkie Pie Do?”

For the uninitiated, here’s a brief description of Pinkie Pie, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Pinkie Pie is an earth pony with a pink body and magenta mane and tail. She is a baker/confectioner at the Sugarcube Corner and a party planner, but is very friendly, hyper, air-headed, and quite random at times. She also enjoys singing and playing pranks…

WK–known for his insatiable desire to party, his loud and fast brand of rock, and his motivational speaking–is a perfect match for such a party-rocking pony, and, according to the convention’s press release, it sounds like the speech is going be one for the ages:

Party party party, she wants to have a party! Pinkie Pie is certainly a party animal, but what happens when you can’t be a candy-colored pony in an Equestrian world? We break the fourth wall to present Andrew W.K., the artist behind hits “She Is Beautiful” and “Party Hard”, to answer the dire question: What Would Pinkie Pie Do? Join us for a look into how to make your job as fun as your party, and your party as important as your job.

Our advice? Get your tickets now and ride the candy-colored pony to freedom.