Yes, yes, he’s probably joking. Jay is a funny guy, and that smile indicates humor (from what little I understand about human behavior). It’s likely that this is not really going to happen.

But yo. How funny would it be if they actually went to Paris and did a concert with nothing but “Paris,” over, and over, and over?

In conversation with Brendan:

Me: That could work, and would be amazing. Who thought they’d do it 10 times at one show u know?

Brendan: Haha they perform over 40 songs. Paris 40 times. What if aliens came down right then and saw that?

Me: HA i just laughed and threw up a little of my sandwich

Brendan: Two men in a stadium yelling the same 3 minutes of words 40 times. H@H@H@. We would be so embarrassed if that was what represented humanity.