After listening to this for over an hour, there is not much else to be said. If you’re not up to date, here’s what went down. Nicki Minaj was scheduled to headline Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2012, and then some things happened:

01. Peter Rosenberg said this.
02. Lil Wayne tweeted this.
03. Then Nicki was like “this.”
04. People on Twitter were all “this” and “that.”
05. Then I was like.
06. Flex announced that Nicki would be on his show, shit was about to get serious.
07. And I was like.
08. But then.
09. Then Nicki called into Flex and they yelled at each other and Flex got totally owned at some points but then you’re like, “Oh, wait, I’m actually listening to his show right now along with a lottt of other people and it’s because of this so maybe he’s winning.”
10. Then Flex dropped some bombs.
11. And things got dragged out into the morning but nobody cared because we were all eating fish breakfasts while we chanted “YOLO” and spat fish bones into the air.
12. And for that one day in 2012, we all lived as vikings.

Wow, if you actually clicked all those links and read the fish bone part you just got trolled so hard.