Yesterday Confusion queried as to whether or not Scrufuzzer would be the next rapper to bust out of England. A fair question, and one that personally sparked an interest in me to further explore the European hip-hop scene. Just as I’d began digging around online, an artist submission hit my inbox. Lecs Luther (aka Rejjie Snow), a Dublin-based emcee, messaged over this new animated video for his record, “Meddling Loops”. It was a pure and absolutely fitting coincidence. Fortunately for us both the visuals are engaging and the track has this ultra-mello, jazz-influenced attitude that melts perfectly into the vocal tone of Luther’s flow. Contributions from London’s Crave & Jesse James help bring this research trip across the pond full circle.

Enjoy the animation for “Meddling Loops”, and be sure to study up on further material from both Lecs and Crave & Jesse James below.

Lecs Luther – “Dia Dhuit”

Crave & Jesse James – “Trashy”