Music’s history is dotted with unusual backstories: Robert Johnson’s deal with the devil, the Beatles earning their chops in German strip clubs, Tupac’s early days as a Digital Underground back up dancer. I doubt you’ve heard of an artist who touts being the youngest mortgage broker in America as a piece of his history. Such is the case with the apparently multi-talented Bryan Ellis:

The product of a military family, who’s parents divorced at a young age, Bryan was born into a nomadic lifestyle as he moved around constantly for the first 16 years of his life. This drifter mentality has followed Bryan into his adult life, as he’s continued to move around incessantly, taking on various scenarios (from making six figures as the youngest mortgage broker in the US to being literally homeless and living on the street).

I’m not quite sure who’s keeping tabs on mortgage broker ages, but, regardless, Ellis can certainly sing.

“She” is a burning, blue eyed soul dirge that casts haunting muscle on a sound not too far removed from that of artists like Jamie Woon. Check out the suitably eerie (and sorta NSFW) video below.