Wiley and Dizzee made it, maybe I can be next…

Since Tinie Tempah, who took a pretty obvious radio-friendly pop route, there hasn’t been an MC out of England who has seen major international success, especially in the U.S. Scrufizzer is looking to change that, and he might just have what it takes. His music has been making the rounds in theĀ grime/UK urban-oriented sites, but he’s got the kind of music that might have what it takes to break those sometimes formiddable international boundaries. There’s a touch of Dizzee in his voice, but he’s not a replica.

He chooses production that’s usually more electronically inspired than the traditional U.S. style rap, but that should be no issue in 2012, when electronic music is steadily taking over the mainstream. And while his British accent may be a hurdle for some, he’s got the spitter mentality and focus on a sharp delivery that even the rappy-rap fans should appreciate. If there’s a downside, it’s that he’s not pushing anything too challenging, but that also might be the key to his success. He’s got all the right elements, and if he keeps putting out tracks like “Be Someone,” I could see this catching on.

What do you think?