Every few years, you can feel major cultural shifts happen. Homosexuality, especially in hip-hop/R&B culture, has been a complicated issue for years. Lately, it seems to be opening up—the general consensus, or at least the perception of it, is changing. More artists are stepping forward to openly support gay rights, and the openness to differences, whatever they may be, seems to be at an all-time high.

A couple of days ago there was some speculation that Frank Ocean “comes out” through some revealing lyrics on his upcoming album, Channel Orange. Tonight, the singer shared a personal note, written in 2011 while Frank was flying to Los Angeles after spending Christmas at home. In the note, Frank tells the story of his first love. It was a guy he had met four summers ago and although things didn’t work out, it was an important experience for Frank, and something he still obviously feels very strongly about.

“I don’t have any secrets anymore,” Frank writes in the letter. You can almost feel the sigh of relief he probably breathes knowing this is out in the open now.

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