Awww what. C’mon son. This shit ain’t fair. Girls have only released two albums and one EP and they’re splitting up already, according to frontman (and one half of the two man band) Christopher Owens’ who took to his Twitter to announce:

Dear all, This may come as a surprise to many & has been an issue of much thought for me. My decision was not easy to make. I am leaving Girls. My reasons at this time are personal. I need to do this in order to progress. I will continue to write & record music. More will be announced soon. I thank you all for everything. Sincerely–Christopher

Girls’ debut album (titled Album) was a wonderfully rough around the edges, straight from the heart affair, which included surf-rock indebted slacker anthem “Summertime,” self-loathing break up song extrordinaire “Laura,” and a whole load more great tracks. Last year, on Father, Son, Holy Ghost (which according to many, many experts was one of 2011’s best albums) they upped the production values without losing any of their ragged, youthful charm, and the result was a really powerful LP. Watch the band perform “Honey Bunny” on Jimmy Fallon as the tears stream down your face.