Pitchfork has long been known as one of the premier tastemakers in indie music. They’ve worked hard to get there, and they are often looked at as a critical encyclopedia of sorts. They’ve created a one-sided environment that’s long been open to criticisms of pretentiousness and a voice that—not in these exact words—always seems to say, “This is what you should like, this is what you shouldn’t like. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong.”

That’s why it was pretty surprising to see that they’re launching “The People’s List.” Instead of dictating what’s good and what’s not good, they’re letting the people speak up. It’s a great thing, but after all these years of being bossed around we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Internet get back at Pitchfork in the form of some good old-fashioned trolling.

Instead of voting for the real best album released between 1996 and 2011, wouldn’t it be great to make an organized effort to pick one of these instead?