With Flying LotusUntil The Quiet Comes coming October 2nd, the always evolving producer talked to Complex to give an update on what he’s been working on, what he has planned for the future, and some of details behind his latest projects. Some of the most interesting parts of the interview were those in which he talked about some of his wide-ranging collaborations.

On working with Odd Future, Shabazz Palaces, and possibly The Weeknd:

“I’ve got my hands in a lot of jars. I’m kind of producing the new Thundercat stuff, kind of producing stuff for Shabazz Palaces and Azizi Gibson. Just little things here and there between records. I’m working on the music for a TV show called Cat Dick for Adult Swim. It’s really silly and about a cat detective. It’s all real animals, kind of like an old detective show.

“I’m talking with a few other dudes like Domo [Genesis] and I really want to do a track with Tyler. He’s a tricky one, man, ’cause he has his hands in a lot of jars and he’s very particular about who he works with and when he works with people. We’ve been pals for quite some time. He knows I’m here. He knows I’m around.

“Yeah, me and the Weeknd have talked a bunch about things. There are some potential ideas he had and I’m all game for it. It might be too soon to say exactly what, but I’d say we will connect on some things.”

On collaborating with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke again:

“We have pretty good communication and we talk on e-mail often. But I figured he wouldn’t be super enthusiastic about collaborating again because has so much going on and there are a million other people he could be working with. I felt very honored he wanted to work together again and it was very nice to have him back.

“A lot of people ask about that and say, ‘Why don’t you make it sound like him because it’s him.’ But I tell them it’s not about him. It’s my album. All these things are textures to me. I’ll pitch Thom all the way down if it sounds right. And that is why Thom fucks with me because I’m not afraid to fuck with it like that.

“He sent me the vocals and trusted me to do what I do. He asked what the track meant to me and what the vibe of the album was. There were two tracks for consideration. I just sent him some of my music to keep him in the loop with what I’m doing and he’s like, ‘Oh shit, I think got something for this.'”