With the new Aaliyah and Drake song, “Enough Said,” fans had a lot of concerns. A posthumous collaboration is a delicate issue, and with rumors spreading that Drake would be handling an entire album of Aaliyah material, fans got pretty worked up. Timbaland even commented that it would be wrong for Drake to handle the role of executive producer by himself. But Miss Info has some new details that might put fans at ease. Here’s what she’s heard from some sources close to the matter:

“As for how involved Drake is, I’m hearing he’s only on one song right now. But that Noah “40″ Shebib is producing a majority of the tracks. I’m actually looking forward to what 40 does with these unreleased vocals. His sound seems like a good match.

“But for all the fans who cant imagine a Aaliyah project without the input of Timbaland and Missy Elliott…great news! I’m hearing that Tim is getting involved. So far I’m hearing he’s producing 2 songs. Hopefully there will be more and Missy will be in there too! Timbaland recent told me that he and Missy are already done recording their joint album.”

(Miss Info)