Posthumous releases always bring up some complicated issues. When is it okay? When is it not okay? How should it be handled? Who should be in charge?

We’ve heard some talk of Drake possibly taking on the title of executive producer for an upcoming Aaliyah album, and with the Drake/Aaliyah collaboration “Enough Said,” we get a sample of what that might sound like. Noah “40” Shebib is on production, Drake lends a verse, and Aaliyah’s voice handles the rest.

To see what people are saying, we checked in on the comments section of Soundcloud, where the song was uploaded, and read what the listeners had to say. As always with the Internet, there is no clear consensus. What do you think? Should Drake be executive producing an Aaliyah album? Did he and 40 do her justice with “Enough Said” or should Timbaland and Missy be involved?

Clyde’: Without Missy & Timbaland ? That ois a Blasphemy.

Debz Tastic: I dont care Drake is such a beg.This song is probably one of d songs Aaliyah wrote before she died, n he’s jus tryna feature himself in it kmt. Aaliyah didnt even know him, he even said so himself, Aaliyah was jus hes idol

MusiqExpo & Dynasty Promo: Shoutout to Drake on this one! Baby Girl gives me chills… Miss this lady soo much! <3

Bean0793: I think he shouldn’t have done this without Missy or Timbaland. He’s not Aaliyah worthy to do this

headinthesoundcloud24: Aaliyah gone but not forgotten. A new Aaliyah track with Drake dreams come true.

AD-N: Wtf is Drake doing?! “Wats up?” try stfu still a good song though

Braden Claringbold: music needs this period . real music

Mz.Tiggy: How can I find this on sound cloud? [Note: Yes, this comment was left on the Soundcloud page for the song.]

Kishia2fly: Amazing! He’s flow is poetic!

djnovagrooveon: @Kishia2fly: poetic? clearly not, Nas is poetic Drake is just commercialism. He wrecked what would of been another classic Aaliyah joint.

Image via Romeo Must Die / Warner Bros. 2001

Image via Romeo Must Die / Warner Bros. 2001

Tilt_tee: OMFGaawd tuuune!! They killed it..

faronmckenzie: Paying homage to a great, all good in my book..

Eriniqua: Amazing, absolutely amazing. It could only be better if Aaliyah was alive.

Morgan Robinson 3: I miss aaliyah and her music but i dont like how drake put his spin on this.

Martel Hurtdatboi Carter: Aaliyahs voice is beautiful! Beat not so great…love ya AALIYAH

Marissa Reeves: I feel like I would have LOVED this without his verse.

TessaL: Doesn’t matter if he asked or not the point is his bringing Aaliyah back! That’s all that matters

imurgirl218: Omg…love um both together,tite to hear two artists u love n a duet tht u never expected

KelevraOneProductions: It’s okay. It sounds like a Drake Song though not an Aaliyah song. It’s too much Drake not enough Aaliyah honest opinion