Vacationer, one of our picks for 20 new bands to watch out for, has finally dropped the video for “Trip,” one of the standouts from their debut album, Gone. If you’re worried about summer slipping away, this song and clip should help you hold on to it for a little longer. Here’s some background:

The video was shot on Oahu’s North Shore by surf cult cinematographer Dave Homcy.

Vacationer teamed up with Lomography, the international community dedicated to analogue photography, for the filming, the first partnership of this kind. The video was shot on Lomography’s old school-esque LomoKino 35mm movie camera. VEVO is premiering the video globally.

“The LomoKino cameras that we used to film this played a huge role in this video.  Its character played a major role in the final cut.  The visual effect of modern footage captured by analog means complement the essence of our musical production. Warm, choppy, and vibrant are all adjectives I’d use to describe the LomoKino’s developed film, they are also words I would hope people use to describe Vacationer music.  The marriage of the two makes total sense to me.  I hope everyone enjoys this,” says lead singer Kenny Vasoli.