It appears that we may be getting another serious dose of G.O.O.D. Music only a month after Cruel Summer‘s release: on 10/23, Kanye West will unleash Black American Psycho. What do we know about BAP? Well, not a whole lot, but here are a few crucial details, as reported by HipHopWired:

According to the website, which is a domain owned by Def Jam Records, Kanye will be dropping what is allegedly is sixth studio album on October 23rd, 2012. Reports are surfacing that the number of artists that flew to Hawaii last month to finish Cruel Summer were actually on the island to work on Black American Psycho and not the group’s compilation album.

The above image comes from the Black American Psycho website, which is currently just a splash page. More details to come as they’re available, but, if Kanye’s latest solo album is, indeed, slated for release next month, it looks like Kanye will have one hell of a fall to follow his cruel summer.


UPDATE: While nothing’s confirmed, this does look a bit suspicious. Upon further investigation, if you do a WHOIS search on the URL, it does list Island Def Jam / Kanye West as the Registrant, but the phone number and email address are both from the UK. And as of right now, the image is either part of the “Free Assange” campaign or the site does not load at all. It looks like we just got trolled.