In a recent interview with Shortlist, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy shared the story of grabbing a British fan by the throat and threatening to beat him up. If you didn’t think you could respect James Murphy any more than you already do, here’s that story:

In the US, you’re often mistaken for being English. Is there one thing you dislike about the English?

Well there is, yeah. England is the only place where someone will walk up to you and moan in an attempt to become buddies. I remember DJing once and this kid came up to me and said, “This set is so sh*t,” to try to show me how cool he was. I just grabbed him by the throat and was like, “You’re talking to a f*cking stranger. We don’t know each other, dude. I am from a f*cking farm town, I will beat the sh*t out of you.” I take criticism every day. You can’t just go up to a stranger and moan. That sh*t has only happened to me in England.