Look, I know that the world of EDM—which permeates the realms of rap, pop, and other genres—is expansive. It’s hard enough remembering names of genres when a “new” one pops up every couple of weeks, but then keeping up with names, releases, mixtapes and the like? If your palette is already full, you need some kind of guide to help walk you through the muck and highlight the gems, right? Let me be your guide. I fly those skies, and have what you need when it comes to current EDM. I’ll be dropping gems weekly here at P&P specifically for the EDM heads looking for a fix. Take a chill, crack a brew, and let’s chart this course together…

By Khal

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Set to drop next week is Mala’s Mala In Cuba album. The title is as no-nonsense as they come: Mala traveled to Cuba and worked with Cuban musicians, infusing their homegrown instrumentation and musicality with his dubstep vibes. The result is a surprisingly throwback blend, feeling more like a dub workout than what you’d expect when you hear the term “dubstep.” Then again, Mala’s sound has always brought that deeper level to the burgeoning dubstep scene. You can preorder the album HERE (or get the deluxe vinyl box set); either way, we’ve got the album for stream in its entirety for you.

Out now is Rinse Presents: Royal-T, a great example of the good that can come from the grime scene in the UK. Featuring vocals from UK grime MCs like P Money and Merky Ace (and collaborations with Terror Danjah and Roska), you have no excuse to look dumbfounded when someone asks you who’s smashing the grime scene. Now, the cut we’re featuring is neither grime or on Royal-T’s album, but this trap’d out version of N*E*R*D’s “Lap Dance” is enough to get the crowd hype. We can’t give you the tune for free, but please enjoy the YouTube streamage.

DJ Die is a name mostly known in the drum & bass circles – fans of Roni Size might know him as one of the founding members of Reprazent, but since Full Cycle (the imprint that the founding producers of Reprazent created) disbanded, DJ Die’s been working with his Clear Skyz label, churning out quality drum & bass for the masses. As of late, he’s been bit by the UK bass bug, and started taking on different tempos – both as a label head and producer, including setting up a sister label (gutterfunk) for that output. Mixmag had Die sort out their Mix Of The Week, and he focused on the latter, then delves into the former, with tunes from Need For Mirrors, Break, Zero T, Crytical Impact and Total Science holding down the DnB side, while we get a taste of forthcoming Die material with Addison Groove and Mensah!


1. 2 Gutter – Die Ft. Mc Inja – Gutter Dub
2. Hydro Pump – Addison Groove & Die – Gutter Dub
3. Dove Song – Nicolette – Shut Up And Dance Music
4. Firing Line (Delete the Bleep Mix) – Die & Mensah – Gutter Dub
5. Warrior Groove – Kaze – Gutter Dub
6. Hard Work (V.I.P) – Interface & Minus – Gutter Dub
7. Peace And Dub (Die V.I.P) – Break & Die – Digital Sound Boy
8. 1 Time / – Jus Now – GutterFunk
Mix (Buggsy – Peace And Dub Vox)
9. Dramaz – Total Science – ClearSkyz
10. Specialize In Love – Critical Impact – ClearSkyz Dub
11. What am I Doing – Iluminati
12. Chinese Burns V.I.P – Critical Impact – ClearSkyz Dub
13. 2 Us – Wookie ( Die Remix ) – Space & Time/Sony Music
14. Limits Of Control – Need For Mirrors Ft. Edward Oberon – ClearSkyz
15. Roxy Music – Zero T – Dispatch
16. BTC – Fields – Utopia Music
17. Love So True – Break – Symmetry
18. Sure Thing – Holding You Tight – GutterFunk

In the very near future, we’ll be investigating the trap phenomenon and it’s hold over the EDM scene. Right now, we had to pass off a track that leaked this week and is a perfect example of the two scenes (the 808-heavy Southern rap contingent vs. the dubstep/bass music EDM crowd) can mesh when all that stands between them is tight drums and heavy bass. Oh and some intoxicating melodies. Turn this one all the way up!

You’re probably noticing a pattern, huh? You see the blending of the EDM and hip-hop worlds that are bubbling under the surface, don’t you? Rotterdam’s Munchi and the one and only mixtape king Trap-A-Holics have linked up for Trap Bubbling, a project that blends Munchi’s unique brand of EDM with the trap scene that Trap-A-Holics has an iron fist over. The full project was set to drop on September 14th, but got pushed up to drop early, and it’s mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy, no stranger to hybrid sounds himself. He’s the architect of the THUGSTEP sound, and his expertise adds the final component to this project. For a teaser, ClubTapes previously leaked Munchi’s take on the Diplomats “Dipset Anthem,” which you can download HERE.

Before a few days ago, I hadn’t even realized that dubstep producer J:Kenzo had an album on the horizon. His name’s been out there over the last four years, with releases on Argon, Dub Police and Tempa, the latter of whom will be releasing his self-titled debut. If you dig the dark, moody side of dubstep, the side that is often resigned to the headphone dwellers out there? This one is for you. Space age dubstep freshness.

Back before dubstep and “drumstep” were things, there was Amit, who over a decade ago took his love for dub and transformed it into a half-time drum & bass sound, where the beat was the same tempo but half the drums. Interesting concept, and he doesn’t get as much recognition. Metalheadz dropped a single or two from him about 8 years ago, and the promo for his next single hit this week. He hasn’t lost a step (no pun intended), and brings even more DnB pressure with his latest.

deadmau5 knows how to pick ’em. His mau5trap imprint has boasted releases from Noisia, Feed Me, Raized By Wolves and more, and on October 1st, he’s releasing the Foreign Beggars’ album The Uprising. Foreign Beggars is a crew of MCs who have no problem dipping into varying forms of EDM, and the singles from The Uprising have already taken the EDM world by storm. This latest release, “Anywhere,” is produced by Eddie Jeffrys, who’s formerly one half of the dubstep group 16bit. It harkens back to classic dancehall/reggae sounds before diving into a seriously heavy dubstep riddim. The Beggars’ album isn’t just dubstep, though – they rock over electro-infected hip-hop, drum & bass and more. Future beats for forward thinkers.

Starkey’s possibly the best grime producer within the United States. Hailing from Philly, he is at the helm of the Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis labels, helping spread the bass music sound on this side of the Atlantic. He’s got an album coming this fall, a dope single dropping on Monday (which includes the infectious “DPMO”) and he recently knocked out this 45 minute mix at the Red Bull Studios in London. He showcases a plethora of his original productions, as well as beats from like-minded producers from the world over.


Starkey, Renegade Starship, (Civil Music)
Mr. Mitch, Bethlem Royal, (Slit Jockey)
Starkey ft. Trim, DPMO, (Slit Jockey)
Bloom, Quartz (Starkey Remix), (Gobstopper)
DJ Cable, Pulse RBX, (SeclusJockey)
DS1, Nether Edge, (Slit Jockey)
DS1 ft. Coco, Addicted, (Slit Jockey)
Starkey, Command, (Civil Music)
Starkey, Sequence, (Dub)
Kuedo, Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space, (Planet Mu)
King, Bloccrocc, (Dub)
Starkey, Nucleus, (Self Release)
Psymbionic, Ride With Me (Starkey Remix), (MalLabel)
Starkey ft. Central Spillz, Open the Pod Bay Doors (Remix), (Ninja Tune)
Starkey, Street Rockers, (Civil Music)
Starkey, Pavement, (Dub)
XLII, Throw Yo (Starkey Remix), (Civil Music)
Future ft. TI, Magic (Starkey Remix), (Seclusiasis)
Mr. Mitch, Shit & Sugar, (Slit Jockey)
Iggy Azalea, My World, (Grand Hustle)
Bassboy, Modify, (Dub)
Starkey, Dark Alley, (Planet Mu)
Baauer, Harlem Shake, (Jeffries)
Manikan, For All Ya’ll, (Seclusiasis)
Mella Dee, VIP ft. Slick Don, (Slit Jockey)
SRC, Tangerine, (Triangulum)
Starkey, And Then God Built the Cosmos, (Civil Music)
Starkey, Dystopia, (Civil Music)
Starkey, Summer Streets, (Dub)
Goonsquad, Devilish Mode (Dub)
Starkey, Fresh, (Self Release)
The Beatles, Her Majesty, (Apple)

DJ Fresh has had an awesome year – he’s had a string of successful singles leading up to his forthcoming LP, Nextlevelism, and his latest video throws out some of the bright drum & bass that he was known for when he struck out on his own. His album features Rita Ora, Ms. Dynamite, Adam F and many more.