Yesterday, a war of words occurred on Twitter. Azealia Banks is no stranger to twitter beef, but this situation was a bit different: the dispute was over her track “Esta Noche,” which was featured on her Fantasea mixtape and was supposed to be released on iTunes as a single. The friction started when Munchi got word of the single’s impending release, with artwork ready to go and plans to shoot the video for it in Paris without him being in the loop. It appears as though there were attempts at negotiating a contract, but with the words on twitter intensifying the situation, all plans for the release have currently been dropped.

Complex has a rundown of some of the tweets Munchi and Azealia exchanged, with shots thrown both ways. We’ve received an official statement from Munchi, which we are publishing untouched. Banks’ team was contacted but have not provided any comments.

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Damn yo, I have nothing to hide and I do not have a team of people backing me to calculate the best way to portray my words.
I just have my mind, my words and the facts.

I feel extremely bad for Montell Jordan, Claudja Berry and all of the people at Interscope and Polydor who were very helpful in trying to make a solution to this shit,
but if you get disrespected 11 times over a course of a couple of months -more than half being in 1 day- things will get extremely difficult.
Especially when the artist in question starts a Twitter beef by saying that it’s my fault that the release is not going through,
while she is the one who put out a cover and a statement that it was going to be released the next day. This when nothing was confirmed yet.

Matter of fact – everything was done backwards, instead of having the decency to contact me about it first, they did everything they had to do and contacted me last.
Expecting that I would go for the money right away – the way of the industry. Even when all of the things were said on Twitter by Azealia,
the label was doing everything to solve the situation – it was too late to solve though.

I have been extremely patient and willing to solve this problem over time, but there is a limit.
If she wants to be a spoiled brat about it, don’t be surprised if I will get difficult towards her as well.

In regards to the sample of Claudja and Montell:

It’s very simple, I made a remix of one of my favorite tracks in the world and put it out in 2010.
I did not want to release it, because I did not want to disrespect the artists – it was just my interpetation of this track made for the club.
It was supported by a lot of big names back then including Skrillex and a staple in the Moombahton genre.

Now the issue comes that I noticed Azealia using the track in her Fantasea mixtape in which the beats were being seleced by Diplo and her.
Nobody told me anything prior to the release. My intention was never to make this an actual release and I did not like what she did to it.
The only thing I would’ve asked for is proper credits and a say in the creative process – something taboo, but I have to have it clear
what I want to affiliate my name with and with what not.

I also saw claims that it was the same beat as the original sample.
I can make it very simple – why does she have to use my version?

She can make the track on the original of Clauja Berry/Montell Jordan.
There is no need to hop on the Moombahton hype so bad? Is it because she wants hipster credibility? I do not know.

Her and her camp were the ones who wanted the track, for me it was absolutely not necessary.
This is not to way to handle such a request. I don’t need their money, fame or success for the price of my integrity.

It is common in this music business to get fucked over and a lot of people are afraid to talk out.
It is uncommon to speak out and say the reality of situation.

Azealia’s fans I do not and cannot blame – they have been misinformed and it is useless to blame them for something the person they
idolize has been doing time after time. Stealing tracks and causing unnecessary drama. T.I., Jim Jones, Iggy and Nicky Minaj were before me.
Shit man, all this bullshit could’ve been avoided. Seems to me that there is definitely something going wrong over there.