Without personally knowing the members of a band, it’s impossible to fully understand what it’s like to be in their shoes. As fans we rightfully connect with certain songs or albums, and at times travel great lengths to see artists perform in distant venues, but even then we’re only really granted a small amount of access to their lives and never really get the proper opportunity to “know them.”

With that said, in this age of information overshare bands are able widen up the lens a bit and provide more insight to fans than they’ve ever been able to in the past. One such method that we’ve seen gain significant usage in recent years is that of the short online documentary, and today we have one from the initially mysterious yet always entertaining Newbury Park, California-based band, The Neighbourhood.

Upon hearing the group’s debut single “Female Robbery,” and follow up record “Sweater Weather,” we knew that these guys were going to be something special. Thankfully they’ve proven us accurate and based on the strength of one very solid premiere EP and a couple of intriguingly gothic video releases, they’ve managed to build up a fan base and following that has already required their presence on the road for a couple of summer west coast tour legs. This short documentary called simply The Califournia, highlights a couple of those performances and also sheds a bit of light on who exactly this very talented up-and-coming rock group is.

Have a look below and be sure to download their free EP, I’m Sorry…, if you haven’t already.