Following the murder of 16-year-old Chicago rapper Lil Jojo and the controversy surrounding remarks by rivals Chief Keef and Lil Reese, outspoken Chicagoan and celebrated emcee Lupe Fiasco took to twitter to express his frustration and announce his retirement from rap:








Lupe’s stream of tweets was seemingly prompted by continued brazen remarks from Chief Keef:


Though Lupe has promised retirement in the past, the circumstances add weight to this most recent pronouncement. Lupe clearly aches for his city so embroiled in fatal violence, as can be seen in the video below wherein the rapper revisits an early appearance on MTV that depicted his home neighborhood on Chicago’s west side.

Lupe’s grief and frustration are understandable; here’s to hoping that he uses his considerable platform and talent to continue shedding light on the tragic violence befalling one of America’s great cities, whether he hangs up the microphone or not.