The critically-acclaimed “Losing You” was apparently the opening salvo from the Solange/Dev Hynes tandem, as word of a collaborative EP, TRUE, featuring songs written and produced by these two, is set to be digitally released on November 27th, with CD and vinyl editions set to ship in January 2013 (which you can pre-order right now). They met in the Spring of 2010 and formed what Solange calls “an instant, musical chemistry,” and with “LosingĀ  You” and other collaborations like “Flying Overseas,” this EP is set to further build upon something that just makes sense. For those wondering, the tracklist has been released, so ponder how intriguing this will sound while you wait for the next word from this project.


1. Losing You
2. Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work
3. Locked In Closets
4. Lovers In The Parking Lot
5. Don’t Let Me Down
6. Look Good With Trouble
7. Bad Girls (Verdine Version)