File this under “things that we thought shouldn’t have happened, but ended up being alright.” Many screamed “BORGORE RUINED DUBSTEP,” and he turned that into his mantra. Those same people probably scoff at artists like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift adding dubstep to their tracks. If it’s about selling out, that’s one thing, but if the track isn’t ruined because of some feature, how can that kind of collaborating hurt the scene on the whole?

Taken from the Decisions EP, Borgore got Miley to sing on the hook of the title track, and for the video, they amplified the “bitches love cake” bit Borgore raps by setting a club cake fight, with Miley jumping out of a cake, tongue-kissing a horse mask, and genuinely rocking to the dubstep sound. Live a little.

UPDATE Here’s the behind the scenes footage from the video shoot: