The art of the melodic hip-hop song is complicated. You’ve got tracks like “Turn On The Lights” and “Creeper,” and somewhere, probably not even in the same room, you have Sapient‘s “Shotgun In My Spaceship.” It’s a playful rock/pop-tinged track driven by the stabs of a heavy-handed piano on the beat, and a catchy, lighthearted melody that makes it hard to even call this hip-hop.

Sapient was frustrated by the current sound in hip-hop and describes his upcoming Slump album as “a more musical sibling to indie hip hop. You could think of it as a more functional little brother, who learned from his elder brother’s mistakes.”

For the video, Sapient takes on the role of a “NASA Space Camp nerd” and links up with a space enthusiast that may be the girl of his dreams. You can download the single immediately when you pre-order Slump here, and you can purchase the track here.