Is Diplo music’s everyman? Considering he’s notched collaborations with everyone from Snoop Dogg Lion to No Doubt to that ginger one from Girls Aloud this year alone, it’s hard to argue otherwise. Don’t be fooled into thinking the man otherwise known as Thomas Pentz doesn’t have a trick or two left up his sleeve, though; earlier today, the DJ tweeted that he’d just wrapped up a record with PSY (aka Mr. “Gangnam Style,” aka the man who is single-handedly making us hate YouTube) and the codeine cowboy 2 Chainz.


Lord knows what a Diplo-PSY-Tity Boi collaboration will sound like, but let’s hope those mad sons of bitches are wrong about December 21st so we get to hear it (unless, as Diplo himself points out, the world has no fucking clue how to handle such noises and spontaneously combusts by reflex—or something).