A few months back, Justin Bieber found himself at the center of one of 2012 strangest news stories when a man sued the young pop star for allegedly getting a penis enlargement with a stolen credit card.

A successful 2012 for Bieber ends on a frightening note, as a plot to castrate and strangle the singer and his bodyguard was uncovered by investigators.

41-year-old Martin Staake and his 23-year-old nephew Tanner Ruane allegedly plotted to kidnap and kill four people at the behest of 45 year-old Dana Martin, a convicted killer serving two life sentences for raping and murdering a Vermont girl in 2000. Martin was, reportedly, obsessed with Bieber and has a tattoo of him on his leg. Martin and Staake met in New Mexico’s Las Cruces prison.

Martin had reportedly ordered Staake, who enlisted his nephew, to strangle Bieber with a paisley tie—the prisoner’s “calling card”—at some point during the singer’s sold-out end of November shows at Madison Square Garden (11/27 and 11/28). The plot was thwarted when Martin ratted out the duo before they could act.

Thank Based God these men never got to Bieber.

(USA Today)