Maybe you’ve heard of Angel Haze as the female emcee behind the shockingly raw cover of Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet” where she opened up about years of sexual abuse, unapologetic in her explicit delivery. Or maybe you know Angel Haze as that rapper who got into a Twitter beef with Azealia Banks. Regardless of how you know her, the bottom line is that you should know her. She possesses the right mixture of innate talent, unbridled passion and necessary roughness that is currently missing in the world of female hip-hop. Haze recently sat down with The Guardian to discuss a whole slew of topics on her mind and the result was a refreshingly (but not surprisingly) honest interview. Take a look at some of the highlights:

On Her “Cleaning Out The Closet” Cover:
“When I listened back, I felt disgusted. I wanted everyone to feel that. It was good that they felt it, because it was fucking wrong. I want someone who’s a father to listen to the song, and be like: ‘No one had better ever fucking touch my daughter like that. And if they do, you can tell me.'”

On Rape:
“People say, maybe you shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt, instead of, maybe you – as a male – shouldn’t have raped. And even though it’s so prominent in our culture – stories every day! – people always say: You’re lying. Every rapist is quick to tell the victim: Nobody’s gonna believe you. When I finally told someone, they did nothing about it, and that’s the worst thing of all.”

On Her Debut Album:
“I’m taking my time to craft this, because you only ever get one debut album and you’re judged on it for ever. I want it to be perfect.”

On Her Beef With Azealia Banks:
“Most people will never know the whole story or the truth behind [what happened with Banks], so for me it’s dead and done and in the past. I don’t have any problems with anyone.”

On Female Rap Beef In General:
“A lot of it is male rappers pitting female rappers against each other. A lot of it has to do with female rappers and their insecurities, wanting to be the only one because people have gotten accustomed to seeing that. It doesn’t have to be like that. There isn’t ‘the’ male rapper, there are all these dumb niggas out there rapping about dumb shit. Why can’t girls have that? I don’t partake in it. I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the press about Azealia and I being, like, friends and whatever … I just have a genuine respect for any female rapper, even the ones I don’t particularly think are good.”

On Never Hearing Biggie Before:
“The first Biggie [Smalls] song I heard was, what, a few months ago? Peter Rosenberg [hip-hop DJ at New York’s Hot 97 station] played it to me live on air to embarrass me. I can’t remember what it was.”

On Religion:
“I think of religion as something that stains the person. It’s a mindset you can never get free from, it’s always in the back of your head. Even mine! I think, am I going to hell for this? Then I have to remind myself that I don’t fucking believe in hell!”

(The Guardian)