It looks like artists are finally picking up on the fact that if they announce something in pieces, they will get more coverage. A guide for all bands who haven’t picked up on it, here’s how you build coverage for a new album:

01. Hint at new material.
02. Play a new song live.
03. Cryptic tweets like, “Death Whisper. Coming soon.”
04. Soundcloud version of new song.
05. Hint at new album.
06. Confirm new album.
07. Video for new song.
08. Tracklist.
09. Start talking openly about album, saying shit about your cool creative process and how you’ve grown.
10. Pick a release date.
11. Freestyle from here. Maybe drop another song if you’re first one sucked. Maybe push the album back because fuck it. Maybe start a Twitter beef if your hype isn’t poppin’. Maybe take the vowels out of your name because if your hype isn’t poppin’, it’s probably because too many vowels.

Wait, what was this post about? Oh, new Vampire Weekend album is coming May 7th. That’s all we know for now, but STAY TUNED. View the announcement for yourself at the band’s official website.