Brooklyn Vegan is reporting that there is a Postal Service reunion in the works. This is big news for fans who have been keeping fingers crossed year after year, but although rumors have circulated and we know Ben Gibbard and producer Jimmy Tamborello have worked on music since 2003’s Give Up, it started to seem less and less likely that an album would happen. Gibbard said in November of 2012 that there were no plans for an album.

Yet here we are, keeping hopes alive with more rumors. BV is a pretty reliable source, but the lack of details makes this news a little sketchy. Is it just a reunion show? Is it Coachella? Could it be a new album? We did some investigating and found some clues on Ben Gibbard’s Twitter account:

– On January 3rd, Gibbard tweeted, “Woops, spelt ‘rhythm’ wrong in that last tweet. Currently lashing myself in penance.”

– On the 6th he shared, “Shout out to the @redskins’ groundskeepers for bringing their A Game to the playoffs.”

– And then just an hour ago he revealed, “Airport at 6am feels like waking up in the middle of a circle pit at a Slayer show.”

Hm, maybe they really are working on a reunion.