It’s been almost two years since The Strokes’ last album, Angles, but today Billboard confirms that the band is back and ready to release their fifth studio album, with the song “All The Time” intended to be the lead single. According to Seattle radio station 107.7 The End, RCA had sent over one of the band’s new tracks for the station to preview. While the label is still keeping fairly hush hush, the folks at The End did have this to say about the new music:

As a few of you may have caught wind of, late yeseterday we spilled the beans that we’d had the chance to preview new music from The Strokes. While RCA is keeping most of the details of the forthcoming new full length album (yes, you read that correctly) under wraps, we can tell you that of the two songs we heard, one was a more synth driven track, with the other (the aforementioned, “All The Time”) packing a classic Strokes sound. No mention of a tour came up, but we can tell you, you’ll be hearing new music from the band sooner than later, with the new album to be released later this year.

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