For decades, authenticity—or a lack thereof—has been a topic of conversation in hip-hop. Sometimes things get morphed into this game of Who’s Really The Realest and other times artists get away with selling some truly absurd and inaccurate stories for the sake of a more marketable image.

Drake’s new song is called “Started From The Bottom” and it’s a continuation of the long and frequently told tale of finally making it. Plenty of our favorite rappers have shared similar sentiments on some, “finally here, finally rich, ashy to classy, made it through the struggle, me and my team, on the top, et cetera, et cetera,” but the issue that people have with Drake’s new song is that they aren’t buying it. Before he ever made it in rap, Drake was getting that Degrassi money, and being a young Canadian actor doesn’t mesh well with the usual tough stories of drug dealing and violence and the projects.

So here are 20 people who are really mad because they don’t believe that Drake really started from the bottom. Do we care? Should we care?