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    Adele Winning Best Pop Solo Performance

    Joyce: Cheer for Adele winning Best Pop Solo Performance because Adele is the queen

    Khal: Cheers to Adele looking like a fucking flower patch

    Monster: Cheer for Adele over Carly Rae. This ain't the VMA's

    Confusion: Hey don't talk about Carly Rae like that. Cheer for Carly Rae's angelic smile

    Matthew: Always cheers 4 Adele. Especially pregnant Adele

    Elton John and Ed Sheeran's Performance

    Caitlin: Cheer that when Elton John sings "A Team" it's almost worth listening to

    Katie: Cheer for Elton alllllways


    Kelly Clarkson

    Joyce: Cheer for Kelly Clarkson recognizing that Miguel's performance was sexy

    Confusion: Cheer for Kelly Clarkson being drunk before her performance

    Katy Perry's Boobs

    Joyce: Cheer for Katy Perry not giving two shits about that memo

    Monster: Was the memo "don't flash huge cleave?"

    Khal: Cheers to Katy Perry's cleavage

    Miguel and Wiz Khalifa's Performance


    Joyce: CHEER THE FUCK OUT OF MIGUEL. Cheer for my loins feeling funny things during this performance

    Khal: Cheers to Miguel winning best R&B album. Cheers to my loins for feeling nothing during a shirtless Wiz performance

    Monster: Miguel = pure talent. Wiz = boring.

    Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z's Performance

    Joyce: Cheer at this excitement I'm feeling for JT's performance, premature cheer for JT's performance


    Khal: Cheers to Prince walking out to "Sexy M.F."

    Confusion: Cheers to Prince giving 0 fucks

    Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

    Joyce: Cheers to that one shot of Wiz and Amber Rose looking all in love and damn cute together

    Khal: I cheer anything Amber Rose

    Frank Ocean's Performance

    Caitlin: Cheers to Frank performing with one hand bc Chris Brown CUT HIS OTHER ONE

    Khal: Cheers to Frank performing "Forrest Gump" doe


    Matthew: Cheers for Nas' pocket chain? Cheers for Frank!

    Joyce: Half cheer for The Black Keys winning a Grammy, but was kinda hoping Alabama Shakes would because surprises!

    Caitlin: Cheer for Justin Timberlake's hair & his babeish wife

    Joyce: I second Caitlin's cheers. Also cheer for Bey because Bey

    Katie: 100% cheer for Bey just cuz

    Joyce: Cheer for Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes for being included at all

    Khal: Cheers to Drake's face when J.Lo came out

    Matthew: Cheers to Tyler wearing a shirt and hat lol

    Caitlin: Cheer that Alicia Keys can play the drums and sing at the same damn time...

    Khal: Cheers to Jay-Z clowning The-Dream's hat

    Matthew: Hahaha cheers for that wrap-up music coming on, then Jay-Z says something so they turn it back off

    Katie: Cheer the shitttt out of this Jack White performance

    Katie: Can I also just say cheer for Riff Raff being at the Grammys and looking just as confused he's there as we all are

    Jon: Cheer: fun. recognizing that they're old as a motherfucker

    Monster: Cheer this Levon Helm trib with T Bone, Brittany Howard, Elton John, etc. Cool display.