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    Taylor Swift's Performance

    Caitlin: Okay, first of all, Taylor Swift chronically looks like a girl in her room dancing around pretending to be a rock star. I mean, I even like her new album but it's ridiculous. JEER at the Alice in Wonderland theme and her weird hat and also, DID YOU NOTICE HER BRITISH ACCENT?!?! Total Harry Styles dissssss.

    Mumford & Sons Winning Best Album

    Confusion: No way. Isn't the world tired of M&S yet? They are rapidly approaching DMB status. This should've gone to Frank.

    LL Cool J

    Khal: Jeer for LL Cool J performing, like we need to see that in 2013.

    Khal: Jeer for LL Cool J calling Taylor Swift "T-Swizzle." Expect a lot of LL Cool J jeers from me.

    Joyce: Jeer @ "Ed Sharon"

    Khal: Jeers for LL calling him "Ed Sharon" again!

    Joyce: Jeer @ LL Cool J hashtagging the shit out of everything

    Khal: Jeers to LL Cool J saying shit like "indie success story."


    Joyce: Jeer at the fun. puns. Even if it's Neil Patrick Harris making them.

    khal: Jeers to dude's earpiece; looks like he melted an entire candle into his ear canal. That's not "fun."

    Matthew: Jeer hard @ fun.

    Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z's Performance

    Confusion: Jeers for JT sounding like Robin Thicke

    Khal: Jeers to the Timberlake wave being classy, then him endorsing Bud Light Premium like that's what I'm trying to drink when I'm all snazzy. Or ever.

    Chris Brown

    Confusion: Jeers every time the cameras show Chris Brown

    Katie: Jeer to them cutting to Chris Brown and Mayer multiple times


    Khal: Jeers to Bruno Mars' band doing the same exact routine they did on SNL for "Locked Out of Heaven"

    Khal: Jeers to titles like "urban contemporary," like anyone actually uses terms like that.

    Joyce: Jeer the shit out of Adam Levine... erm, Maroon 5

    Khal: Jeers to Adam Levine for being Adam Levine.

    Confusion: Jeer Alicia Keys playing drums and not piano

    Joyce: JEER for Kelly Clarkson not knowing who Miguel is

    Confusion: Jeer: The Grammys never getting Best New Artist right