90s hip-hop was often overshadowed by the East/West Coast rivalry. Despite the fact that Tupac seemed to be West Coast’s representative of this feud, the vintage video above, filmed in 1996, shows Tupac greeting members of Duck Down for a recording session. Together, they were to release a collaborative LP titled One Nation that would symbolize the unity between the two coasts, quelling the rivalry. Says ‘Pac in the video: “We’re working on a new project called One Nation… It’s gonna be an East Coast-West Coast collaboration.”

The project was never entirely realized after Tupac’s murder. A number of songs leaked, but the album was never saw a commercial release. Director Gobi M. Rahimi, however, managed to film Tupac’s last days, and has shared these videos of the legendary rapper in his last days. This will all be a part of a documentary titled 7 Dayz, which will chronologize the rappers last week on earth. Watch Tupac in the recording booth, as well as the trailer for 7 Days, below.

(Nah Right)