When you watch Kanye West enter a stage you have to wonder what he’s feeling. I imagine it’s the same feeling as when you’re stoned and you put together what you think is a really good outfit and you stand in front of a mirror and mean mug yourself like, “I’m. The. Shit.” It has to be like that for Kanye, right? Except much more epic, because there are giant screens behind him showing like mountains and oceans and glaciers and other enormous things of the universe.

I don’t know. Sometimes when I’ve got my best outfit on I’ll bring out knives or fire or some shit and try to make it more dramatic but after a few minutes I realize that I’m alone standing in front of a mirror with an OK outfit on, posing with knives and fire. And then instead of a gigantic crowd cheering me on I am flushed with a gigantic sense of shame and self-loathing. But hey, we can’t all be Kanye! Here he is in Abu Dhabi.

Below, see Kanye in a straightjacket.

(Rap Radar)