SXSW can be an overwhelming affair, and if you go without a game plan, you’re likely to just get drunk and end up sloppy at a taco joint, missing the show that everyone else will be talking about next week. Instead of meandering around Austin without any clue what you’re doing, take some advice from a pro. A-Trak listed some essential SXSW acts to catch this year for Infinite Legroom. Read his intro and check it out below:

“My first trip to SXSW was in 2007 when Fool’s Gold was a baby, and I’ve been going every year since. In those days it was an indie affair, a place governed by neon t-shirts and Wayfarer shades, where mostly bands played and a couple DJs infiltrated the parties. It was also a place where unsigned acts went to get noticed. Gradually, this notion of “you’ve got to go to SXSW” propagated, and even top-tier artists started showing up, perhaps not even knowing why. It’s been funny seeing the 50 Cent’s of this world touch down into Austin’s grungy venues and watching multi-million dollar brand activations in a city swarming with pedicabs. No one gets signed there anymore but there are still great concerts, in fact with more variety than ever.”

“From young guns to legends, here’s a bunch of people I’m looking forward to seeing live this week:”