We hear a lot of talk about how hard it is to sell records these days, but every now and then something like this happens. Justin Timberlake took his time with this album, staying out of the music spotlight for years, and when he decided to come back, he did it in a big way—Saturday Night Live performances, a full week at Jimmy Fallon’s show, TV commercials, and a first single that featured none other than Jay-Z.

All the hard work and well-planned promo paid off. Billboard reports that the album is set to sell over 800,000 copies in its first week, which ends Sunday, March 24. Six years ago, Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds did under 700,000 in week one, so even though times are tough out here for music sales, JT is finding a way to make it work. If he does do the numbers that are being projected, he’ll have best-selling album by a male artist since Lil Wayne’s The Carter IV, which did 964,000 in 2010.